Saturday, June 7, 2008

To sew

So, it's been a while, I know. I suppose I'm posting about once a month now - not quite enough to be able to rope in the readers. =]

I've been in a transitional period (is all life now transitional periods?) and I'm finally starting what will most likely be my new schedule for a few months, at the least. I haven't been crafting as much. I haven't sewn anything of note since I finished my new blue purse and my evangeline apron. (Or was it Emiline? Either way...) The Big Blue Purse is a tricky purse; some of the details are very 'professional', and I love how I was able to do some of the things (like the external pocket), but, because of the problems with how I sewed in the lining, the bag is not useable on an every day basis yet: the lining currently makes it difficult to fully zip the bag. Also somewhat problematic is that the ends of the straps weren't properly turned under before they were sewn. They've started to fray, which makes the bag look sloppier. The lining issues are my top priority now, but I think once I get that all settled, I might take off the straps and try and rework them. Luckily, because of the metal rings that the straps are attached to, that's not as difficult as it could be.

So, my goals for the big blue purse:
1. remove lining
2. re-add lining, preferably by hand sewing. Sew the following lines: sew lining to zipper end, sew the line between the top and sides of the bag, sew four bullets from the lining to the bottom of the bag, to help keep lining in place.
3. remove straps.
4. Fix straps.
*re-sew the end of the straps - if fabric needs to be cut to make this practical, do that. If interfacing needs to be removed, do that.
* sew an additional line below the metal ring on the fabric connecting the ring to the bag; that loop does not need to be as 'loopy' as it is now, and an additional line of stitching could help hide the interfacing that's peaking out.

Also in the to-sew pile, of course, is the rest of my Weekender bag. I've become a bit disenchanted with that pattern now that I'm at the step where I'm sewing approximately eleventy thousand layers of interfacing together. Once I get past that, I'm sure I'll like the bag again. It *is* a nice finished product, it's just somewhat shittily designed.

I want to sew myself a version of the clutch from In Stitches. Technically, I have a little black clutch already - which I need to remember to use when appropriate, like, say, last night. It'll really save shoulder pain! I'd like something a little more 'funky,' but my color preferences make that difficult. I could do something in a fun black and white damask print; that'd be au courant as well as matching with stuff. I could probably also do a brown and white print, or maybe something from the current Joel Dewberry collection, he has some nice patterns. I'm so picky with patterns, though! Since I'm not naturally a pattern person, I have a tough time justifying adding a patterned accessory to my collection - it needs to be a perfect fit with at least one thing I own, and a pretty good fit with at least a few others. I figure something brown based would be nice, because it could match my new sandals if nothing else. Oh I love my new sandals! They make me feel far more "grown up" than I think I actually am.

I suppose that's all the writing for now. I need to go get ready for my callbacks. Yay directing again!