Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Year of the Hat?

Another finished object, can you believe it? So far, two of the things I've finished this year are hats! I therefor dub this the year of the hat. Or at least the few months of the hat. (I have a pair of fetchings I have to write up too, but they didn't take as long as the hats. Maybe it'll turn into "the year of the extremities"?)
Jak's Jaques Cousteau[R]:
Pattern: Marsan Watchcap[R] by Stacey Joy Elkin
Materials: Cascade 220 Wool[R]; 220y/100g; 100% Peruvian highland wool; color: 8339 marine; dyelot: 9733
Purchased at: Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh, PA
Amount: less than 1 skein
Needles: size 7 clover DPNs, followed by 16" #7 Addi Turbo (swoon)
Gauge: what's that? (aka, never checked)
Size: L
Cost: $5.61 yarn, + $16.00 addis = $21.61

Started: 1/27/08
Finished: 2/03/08
Total time: 1 week
Marsan Watchcap

Marsan Watchcap

Pattern notes:
When I first learned to knit, I thought you knit into the back of a knit stitch, so all my stitches were twisted. This made knitting the twisted rib in this pattern very easy. I have to admit, I'm still not a big k1p1 rib fan when it comes to the knitting enjoyment, but nothing else works quite like it. I suspect I'd gotten this hat confused with the actual jaques cousteau hat somewhere along the line, but I'd described it to Jak as a jaques cousteau hat, so that's what he knows it as. I think this is a nice mens hat pattern, and I'd probably knit it again. I don't yet know what the recipient (a 21 yr. old male) thinks of it, but we'll see. It was a nice chance I could use the yarn I'd gotten on sale (with no plan for what to do) to make this belated holiday gift. The color's beautiful, and I'm sure I'll get it again.

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