Sunday, December 23, 2007


Unlike many other bloggers out there, I have no fear in blogging my holiday gifts. It's much easier when the intended recipients don't know about the blog. =]

I'm glad I've learned to sew, because there are some projects that are much easier to complete, time wise, sewing than knitting. Purses, for example. I wish I knew good gifts for guys! It's so much easier for me to figure out good personalized (hand made) gifts for the females in my life.

Here's a list of gifts, by friend name, with photos attached when the item is complete. Family gifts are different and will come later:

Anna J:
icecream pint cozy
beer bottle cozy
Cozy family

Anna B:
1 set fetching; artsy clutch
Fetching with Artsy Clutch

pink polka no cash wallet

pleated beauty in green fabric & sparkly tweed
Pleated Beauty II

InStitches clutch.
Hannah's Clutch

Hannah's Clutch: The Inside

actually reads this blog, but knows one of her gifts is going to be a mini sweater ornament. If only I had size 5 dpns!

teacozy with removable flower pin
Teacozy with Flower

1 comment:

Maeve said...

charming bag would look GREAT in sparkly tweed.

also, i count my bag as a giftmas present from you. i couldn't have made it without you. =]