Friday, December 14, 2007

Socks, p.1

In my search for the perfect sock pattern, I came across this wonderful article. It's a list of patterns that either don't pool or pool less than traditional patterns. Given my uncanny love for Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi, I think this list will be good to keep around. =]


vik said... is interesting that there is this search among the knitters for non-pooling sock patters...myself im on a search for maximized pooling, which is hard esp if you are dyeing your own yarn...i still cant deal with truly variegated or those obnoxious self striping colorways.

L. said...

Some sorts of variegation annoy me - like the yarns that go from red to yellow to green in the same skein - but some subtler variations I love. My trekking pro natura socks were self striping, and I hadn't actually noticed until after I've knit both of them. The colors were all so similar and the striping so subtle that I assumed it was coincidence.

One of these days I want to start dying my own yarn, I just haven't gotten a chance to, you know, get the stuff yet. =] That, and spinning...there are too many cool fiber-related things to do!

vik said...

oh my soon as i finish grad school applications and find a job i can let myself officially think about building a spinning wheel. i think i want to case mod my old guitar for it because its pretty and i have no other use for it. also i think I might make it with a motor instead of a thinking more like a sewing machine...ive mainly been dyeing with koolaid, jello, and my set of gel food colors. i want to learn to paint knitting rather than dyeing...not sure how thats gonna work....sigh..yes ive truly mutated into a fiberhead

L. said...

Ooo- grad school for what?
And, yes about spinning wheels. For a while my old roomate let me keep hers in my room, but this was without me knowing how to spin and without being as fiber focused as i am now.

vik said...

blech...clinical psych phd...which i have no chance of getting into but im delusional so i keep trying